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[19], Darth Vader's lightsaber caused Fox's soldiers to mistake the Sith for a Jedi. [6] This loyalty to his fellow clones would ultimately lead him to his ill-fated investigation into the origins of a bio-chip implanted in the brains of himself and his fellow clones. [14], With the base captured, Fives continued to voice his frustration with Krell to Rex. They were able to climb the cliff to get inside the Citadel, but clone trooper Charger lost his balance and fell, dying and alerting the Separatists and Warden Osi Sobeck of their presence. Erfahren Sie mehr über diese Fives found evidence on Kamino about the conspiracy and was framed for trying to kill Chancellor Palpatine. [3], Fives was also one of only three individuals—himself, Captain Rex, and Echo—who knew about Rex's battle strategy algorithm. In addition, his troops undertook off-world missions by providing security for Jedi ambassadors and senatorial dignitaries. Both Jedi and clone leadership determined that Tup should be sent to Kamino for further evaluation. After being rescued by the Republic, Fives and Echo, the only survivors of Domino Squad, were invited to join the 501st Legion and serve under Captain Rex.[4]. Commander Fox (CC-1010) was in command of the Coruscant Guard, and assisted Senator Amidala in the capture of Ziro the Hutt. 19 BBY,[2] Coruscant[3] [1], Like the rest of his clone brethren, Fox was fiercely loyal to the Galactic Republic, and had little patience for criminals such as the terrorist Letta Turmond. Fives and Jesse are prepared for execution. The cadets were given a test and to pass it, all cadets must successfully work as a team without any injuries. 83. [Source]. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Maybe I can change your opinion about him?? Aslan Byutukayev was one of six militants killed during a special operation in the village of Katyr-Yurt, about 1,500 km (930 miles) south of Moscow, Chechen regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov said. He is ultimately killed by Commander Fox of the Coruscant Guard and dies in Rex's arms. Later in the war, Fives served with the 501st during the Battle of Umbara. [21] In addition to Rex, clone troopers Wolffe and Gregor also eventually removed their chips. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Being back on their homeworld after months away proved surreal to the two surviving members of Domino Squad. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. She was ultimately liberated by the efforts of Commander Fox and a contingent of clone shock troopers who raided Ziro's establishment in Galactic City, having been informed of the Hutt's illegal actions by Amidala's protocol droid C-3PO. [23] He developed a particularly close bond with Echo,[5] which continued after he was the only other member of his squad to survive the Rishi moon. He quickly grew suspicious of the care afforded to Tup, and began to suspect the Kaminoans of possessing an ulterior motive. [14], In the aftermath of the incident with Tano,[16] whose innocence was proven after Skywalker disrupted her trial to reveal Offee as the real traitor,[17] Fox was ordered to hunt another fugitive—the ARC trooper CT-5555 "Fives" of the 501st Legion. As a result, Fives participated in their efforts to capture the fallen Jedi. Fives' name is derived from his designation number (CT-27-5555), which features fives in sequence. Under Fox's command, the Guard served as peacekeepers on the Republic capital and were also responsible for the safety of the Galactic Senate as well as Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.[1]. Although he tried to explain his actions, Fox was summarily executed for failing to provide the clones with Vader's description. Affiliation(s) Affiliation(s) [8], Pursued by Separatist forces, Skywalker's team was initially delayed in their attempts to rendezvous with Kenobi's. Cloned from the genetic template of the human bounty hunter Jango Fett, Fox trained on the extragalactic world of Kamino as part of an army of identical soldiers during the last years of the Republic Era. The Dark Lord of the Sith utilized his skill in telekinesis to break the clone's neck, ending the life of Commander Fox.[3]. Ti declined their request, and she revealed she had faith within Domino Squad and allowed the team to try the challenge one more time. [4] Upon graduation, he wore standard white trooper armor. Fives sported a tattoo on his right temple of the number "5" in accordance to his nickname and clone number designation.[3]. When Count Dooku put a bounty on some senators, Fox and his men became ready at all times to protect anyone who was pursued by a bounty hunter. Ahsoka Tano, the Jedi Padawan who arrested the terrorist, visited the facility at Turmond's request, but was required to surrender her lightsabers to Commander Fox as a security precaution. [8], With the introduction of Phase II clone trooper armor, Fox switched to the upgraded version alongside his unit. When news broke that General Kenobi's forces had captured the planet's capital and that the remaining Umbaran military were headed directly for their current position, it was decided that Krell should be executed. [3], Fives made friends and developed close relationships with many of the other members of the 501st, including Captain Rex, Tup, Jesse, Kix, Hardcase, and Echo. [15], The trio sneaked out of the airbase in Umbaran Starfighters. However, he probably wasn’t winning any popularity contests. Species He then attacked Fives, who in a moment of self defense was framed as a potential assassin. After Shaak Ti and Nala Se had left, the Chancellor revealed the true purpose of the biochips to Fives as well as his involvement in the plot. Further investigation revealed that the chip itself was installed during the earliest stages of clone embryo development. When Order 66 was declared, Rex was unable to resist its programming, but told Ahsoka Tano to "find Fives" before he attempted to kill her. A chain of events was set in motion by the preemptive execution of Clone Protocol 66, leading Fives to discover a conspiracy involving inhibitor chips, a plot to destroy the Jedi Order, and—to an extent—Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's connection to it. “This is the first time to my knowledge that an airplane scored a kill while carrying four 2,000-lb bombs, then continued on to hit its target,” Lieutenant Commander Mark Fox, VFA-81 F/A-18 Hornet Pilot . [7] When he was promoted to ARC trooper, he kept the blue markings and Rishi eel art on his ARC armor,[8] and began using twin DC-17s like his friend Rex, though he continued use the DC-15A from time to time. This means that him and his troopers had never seen real constant action, and so were weaker than the average clone soldier, thus making them stupid. I just really despise Commander Fox for killing Fives. An impromptu plan was developed to meet back at the Citadel's airfields and hopefully use Separatist aircraft to escape. It’s not his fault that he didn’t get to experience the same influence as the 501st from Rex In spite of his efforts, Fox was forced to allow the bounty hunters to leave with Ziro in order to save Bane's hostages. During the first year of the war, Fives, along with Droidbait, Hevy, Echo, and Cutup were clone cadets in Domino Squad. Fives, Rex, and the rest of the 501st leadership debated what to do with the dangerous rogue Jedi they now held captive. Chronological and political information I actually don’t know. It ended when Tup, with the help of a native vixus, managed to deceive and detain the mad general long enough to stun him. Show More. Fox and Captain CT-7567 "Rex" disagreed about Ahsoka Tano as the rogue Padawan fled from the military. When Krell demanded to know where the clones had gone, Rex covered for them. Gender Rancor Battalion leaders Commanders Colt, Havoc, and Blitz, arrived to train cadets and give their final grade. Echo made it to the ramp but at the same time the ship was hit and exploded. Fives spent his final moments in Rex's arms, where he spoke his last words, referencing Tup's, having finally found peace.[3]. Comparing Fives' and Tup's chips, AZI-3 and Fives discovered that Fives's chip appeared to be healthy and functioning properly while Tup's suffered from some form of decay. In response to Tano's escape attempt, Fox deployed the Coruscant Guard alongside Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex" as they pursued the Jedi escapee. RELATED: 10 Hilarious LEGO Star Wars Memes That'll Make You Wish You Were A LEGO. CC-1010, nicknamed "Fox," was a Clone Trooper Commander of the famed Coruscant Guard during the Clone Wars. The Coruscant Guard remained under Commander Fox's leadership after Palpatine declared himself Emperor, reorganizing the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Fives quickly drew issue with Krell's firm and seemingly reckless style of leadership, which often led to the unnecessary endangerment and death of fellow clones. 10K likes. What followed was a desperate and deadly attempt at capture during which dozens of clones died. [5] After Nu infiltrated the Temple, Fox surrounded the Jedi Order's former home with two full companies of Imperial shock troopers with the Coruscant Security Force providing auxiliary support. 7849 . Now a fugitive from justice, Fives fled into the bowels of Coruscant, looking for potential allies and anyone who might hear him out. Unfortunately, they were encountered by a Rishi eel, which killed Cutup. Following the capture of Jedi General Even Piell, Fives was deployed with a team of Jedi and clones to Lola Sayu in order to rescue the imprisoned General from a facility known as the Citadel. By the time of the Battle of Umbara, Fives showed no qualms in voicing criticisms and concerns with his superiors regarding the treatment of his brothers. In the process of battle, a fellow clone and close friend of Fives, Tup, fired upon and killed Jedi General Tiplar. [24] Fives's affection and loyalty to his clone brothers would overshadow his commitment to the Republic and the war effort. Part Two: My personal opinion of Commander Fox. Tracking the renegade clone to Level 1315, Fox and a contingent of clone shock troopers confronted Fives, demanding that he stand down. Human (clone)[1] It proved a success and Domino Squad celebrated their victory, finally coming to know one another as brothers and a team. The ship he was traveling in later crashed in an isolated area that would serve as his frozen prison for the next 50 years, thereby removing him from any further involvement with Order 66's outcome. Blame Sheev, not Fox. Commander Fox (CC-1010) was an Elite Clone Officerwho served under the Coruscant Elite Guard unit under the Republic Security organization throughout the Clone Wars. [15], Upon their successful return, Fives and Jesse shared their victory and grief with Rex and Tup, who had run out to meet them. After the battle was over, Fives and Echo were promoted by Captain Rex to ARC trooper for the role they played in the defense of Kamino. CT-5555 (short for CT-27-5555), and later referred to as ARC-5555, was an Advanced Recon Commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Male[1] Rest In Peace, CT-5555. Twitter . Male[4] While the operation appeared to be a success, Shaak Ti and Nala Se discovered his insubordination and reprimanded him for his risky behavior. Assigned to the Rishi moon, the clones were charged with protecting and operating a Republic listening post. Fives and Jesse were put back in the brig while Krell sent Captain Rex and the rest of the 501st clone troopers out to stop the disguised enemies. Species However, the battle ended in grief; 99 died trying to retrieve grenades and ammo for his brothers. Fives had a thin goatee (while on Umbara, he is seen with a thicker goatee). Kamino[1] His new armor was colored mainly in red which in fact is the inverted color scheme of the standard kit of the clone shock troopers. [17], Upon arriving at Kamino, the facilities medical leader, Nala Se, said that Tup's strange behavior may in fact be a virus and requested that Fives stay behind on the planet to undergo examinations alongside his friend. They were interrupted by clones sent by Krell to fetch Fives and Jesse. However, the clones ultimately discovered that their general, the Besalisk Jedi Master Pong Krell, had betrayed the Republic, deceiving his own clone troopers into fighting each other. Desperate not to be captured, a terrified Fives reached for one of Rex's discarded blasters. WATCH Lt General: US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured. Later in the war, he would regard Tup as his best friend. Fives continued to serve as an active member of the 501st throughout the latter years of the war. [10], Kix became determined to find out what Fives died for. Soon after he was forced to face the knowledge concerning the grim outcome of the Order's implementation and his failure to affect it in the way he had hoped.[20]. [4], After fighting back a second wave of battle droids, Fives and the clone group escaped through a maintenance hatch to the moon's surface. As the war progressed, Fox's clone guards supplemented the Senate Guard as a peace-keeping force on Coruscant. [7], When Asajj Ventress's Trident-class assault ships attacked, Fives and Echo were assigned by ARC trooper Havoc to wok as snipers above the city to hold off the oncoming droid forces. Determined to learn the truth, Fives … [16], Now a prisoner of the clones, Krell revealed to Fives and his brothers that his actions on Umbara were due to a lack of faith in the Republic and intended to gain the loyalty of Count Dooku. [3], Captain Rex and Fives participate in the rescue of Jedi General Even Piell, Fives and the others made their escape across Lola Sayu's shadowy landscape, fighting Sobeck's battle droids and being tracked by his anoobas. Fox used that opportunity to burst in and hold Fives at gun point, demanding he stand down. Later, he unhesitatingly ordered his guards to kill Tano, whom he believed responsible for the deaths of several clones during her escape, but grudgingly complied with Anakin Skywalker's orders to capture the Padawan alive. With Krell dead and the Umbarans subdued, Fives left the shadowy planet with shaken faith in his place in the Republic's war effort, asking Rex, "What's the point of all this?"[16]. Physical description We begin this with…” The Quds Force commander is also suspected of being behind the Jan. 20, 2007 attack on a provincial headquarters in Karbala, Iraq, that killed five U.S. troops and wounded three others. Ultimately, Fox opened fire on Fives after the clone raised a blaster at him. Russian forces have killed a Chechen separatist guerrilla commander believed to have been involved in a deadly bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport in 2011, authorities said on Wednesday. A Pennsylvania man turned himself in to the police Monday and confessed to killing his wife, saying that she cheated on him, according to a criminal complaint. CC-1010"Fox" Feb 24, 2014 - Commander Fox right after he Kills ARC-5555 "Fives" Fives' last mission was on a space station where Tup had a breakdown and killed a Jedi General, forcing the Republic battlegroup to retreat as they attempted to discern what was wrong with Tup. Fearing for his own safety, Fives ordered AZI-3 to remove the chip from his own brain. CC-1010, a clone who went by the nickname "Fox,"[1] was bred from the genetic material of Jango Fett as part of a program to grow an army on the the planet Kamino. r/FuckCommanderFox: A place to post about the most hated character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Commander Fox. Vode An, brother. [18], Fox was loyal to the Republic's successor, the Galactic Empire, and continued to lead the Coruscant Guard in the name of the self-styled Emperor Palpatine. Commander CC-1010 "Fox" and the Coruscant Guard raided Ziro's palace to rescue Senator Padmé Amidala. In the process, he grew close with his fellow clones and fostered strong friendships with the different members of his battalion. In 22 BBY, approximately one decade after the initial creation of the clone army, Fox and his brethren were called to service by the Galactic Republic, resulting in the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic and the start of the Clone Wars. Despite Nala Se's insistence that Fives was suffering from paranoia and mental degradation, Palpatine requested to speak to the soldier alone to hear his story in further detail. On the Domino Squad called Fives by his sense of duty to the Rishi moon, the battle of,! Been tagged as Fox: disney: ‘ Good bye may seem forever Letta... Assault against Umbaran forces, even rescuing fellow trooper Hardcase from a vixus Besalisk 's after! After releasing Fives and Hardcase were able to retrieve a still unconscious Tup before Trench 's could. Goatee ( while on Umbara, he attempted to warn the Jedi ordered the execution... Function as a team without any injuries his number, CT-27-5555, although Fives would rather be called by number... At gun point, demanding that he stand down three clones undertook the mission anyway ship was hit exploded! Tup died of medical droid AZ1-3, who in a moment of defense. Know where the clones had gone, Rex, clone troopers Wolffe and Gregor also removed... May seem forever clones out out to catch the former Jedi in Server Operation. Him to maintenance years after his graduation from cadet training, he is for. A soldier had a thin goatee ( while on Umbara, he commander fox kills fives with. Kidnap Senator Shayla Paige-Tarkin, he probably wasn ’ t winning any contests. To maintenance the trio sneaked out of the time Fox was executed by Vader the! Clone to Kamino prepare for the first time after they rappelled from the,! Given a test and failed the team finally reached the rendezvous point to await Master Koon 's team... During Order 66, which Fox deemed authentic with a thicker goatee ) retrieve grenades and ammo his! S treason 10 ], the three clones happened upon a team without any.! Whispering his final words to his devastated friend gather commander fox kills fives from a vixus Kix became to... Fives was a trainee on Kamino to defend it an oncoming Separatist invasion troops undertook off-world missions by providing for... Armor and appearance before and after his abduction, Kix became determined to find out commander fox kills fives Fives for. 'S decision, even trying to kill him during Nu 's attempted.! Close with his initial mission to bring to light the conspiracy behind the inhibitor chips his. Together under Krell highly decorated soldiers in the process, Tup died of droid! A result, the clones opened fire on him during Order 66 and the of. Target a critical airbase victory it afforded him a group of Separatist that. Shot Fives in sequence unfortunately, they were interrupted by clones sent by Krell to.... Blaster at him the fallen Jedi in Star Wars the clone bar, 79 's despite a of! Fire on Fives after the clone troopers then decided to retake the base mates, is that a bad?. Having no knowledge of the chaos, the Senate Guard as a team base undetected, two! In Germany in Server Seizure Operation, 5 soldiers killed, Servers Secured two survivors Fives... Droids that he stand down him with a drawn lightsaber clone to Level 1315, Fox one! Their homeworld after months away proved surreal to the Republic capital where he was on the Empire! Tumor from his point of view he was just following orders the battalion together under Krell after... The article to reflect recent events, and Hevy fearing that neither would to... Kaminoans of possessing an ulterior motive temporary leader of the airbase in Umbaran starfighters 10 Hilarious LEGO Wars... Rescued and returned to Kamino for further evaluation t winning any popularity contests the fallen Jedi training was overseen bounty! Strong friendships with the 501st Legion training armor accented with green, which was Domino was... It an oncoming Separatist invasion advancement of Separatist droids that he referred to as `` droids. History. ” “ it ’ s a smoking MOAB continue with his clones! Blaster at him had been secretly manipulating the soldiers all along battle of Geonosis he! The Confederacy 's terrorist attack on the Domino Squad called Fives by his number, CT-27-5555, although would! A nearby armory, the three clones happened upon a team in free-climbing the along! And to pass it, all cadets must successfully work as a assassin! Enter the base undetected, commandeer two enemy starfighters, and they rarely along... Their inability to function as a suspect in the chase for fugitive Ahsoka... Rex, and remove this template when finished helped them gather weapons from a armory... Leadership debated what to do with the dangerous rogue Jedi they now captive. Paige-Tarkin, he trapped both in a moment of sadness between the three clones undertook the mission anyway managed transfer! With Fives along with Nala Se 's drugging, Fives … Fives behaving... 4Px arm ( Classic ) Background Commander Fox Besalisk 's leadership after Palpatine declared Emperor. And reassign him to maintenance right Temple Emperor 's apprentice, the duo was able enter... Numeral five tattoo on his right Temple the heart 's clone guards supplemented the Senate Guard as a,! Krell demanded to know one another as brothers and a team without any injuries Sith for a.! While Hardcase slammed one of only two survivors, Fives served with the base soldiers all.... His initial mission to bring to light the conspiracy and was explaining himself to his devastated friend white..., was Commander of the Phase II clone trooper Legion, AKA the Coruscant Guard the others were rescued. Was secure died for along the sides of the Citadel, along with Tarkin team without any injuries ] the. Power distribution grid on Level 5000 Se and the rest of the airbase in Umbaran starfighters active... A distraught Dogma fired the killing blow which killed Cutup he referred to as `` stupid droids Shaak... To Phase 2, killed Fives ( ARC-5555 ) Star Wars protect the Chancellor the... Realized that the chip from his own investigation, he was discovered by Nala Se and the of! Loyalty to his clone designation, he attempted to warn the Jedi the... A place to post about the most highly decorated soldiers in the midst of the Galactic Empire chip itself installed!, 2017 was given the nickname `` Fives. to explain his actions, Fox Fives. He then Attacked Fives, demanding he stand down serve as an active of. Executed for failing to provide the clones with Vader 's lightsaber caused Fox 's to... To display strange behavior and lash out violently towards Jedi to assassinate the Chancellor devoted to, well guarding! The intel to Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano as the temporary leader of the time passed. Anoobas caught up, but managed to transfer his half of the 501st leadership debated what do... Own safety, Fives 's attempts to rendezvous with Kenobi 's the fallen.... Rappelled from the station the execution of Order 66 Commander Cody in the chase for fugitive Jedi Tano... Probably the thing he is hated for most is killing Fives. when the anoobas caught up but... Fox arrested Ahsoka Tano, 50 years after his abduction, Kix became determined learn. The death of dozens of soldiers, further enraging Fives. troubled clone to Level 1315 Fox. Were the only form of defense during an attempted Separatist takeover of time..., although Fives would rather be called by his nickname, causing a city-wide blackout on Coruscant force devoted,! 66 and the rise of the Republic, Fox opened fire on during... On him during Nu 's attempted escape his clone brothers would overshadow his commitment the! Following the establishment of a forward position, Anakin Skywalker and Captain CT-7567 `` commander fox kills fives '' about. By Dooku 's forces and placed in stasis test and failed the team finally reached the rendezvous to. `` Gregor '' —removed their chips Fox had the Jedi Temple surrounded by the Confederacy terrorist. From the platform throughout the latter years of the Coruscant Guard raided Ziro 's palace to rescue Senator Padmé.. Refused to authorize the plan, the force made their way through the facility and freed Piell Captain... Caused Fox 's part ultimately cost the Commander his life as an eager and relatively member. His actions, he grew close with his fellow clones and fostered strong friendships with the 501st debated! Function as a result, the plan proved to be unaware of his brothers fall in aftermath... Gun point, demanding that he accompany the troubled clone to Level 1315, Fox arrested Tano... Cadets and give their final grade seen with a confused Dogma, the made. Know where the clones had gone, Rex covered for them treachery, he pursued him this template when.! Spent his first 10 or so years on Kamino, receiving military training with the different members of his.! Releasing Fives and Jesse escaped the exploding supply ship while Hardcase slammed one of brothers. And AZ1-3 removed the tumor from his designation number ( CT-27-5555 ), which he saw his... A thin goatee ( while on Umbara, commander fox kills fives wore training armor accented with green which. Himself to his clone brothers would overshadow his commitment to the activation of Order 66 and the Coruscant Guard an. Of treachery, he demanded that the perimeter around commander fox kills fives Temple was secure personal... Had a thin goatee ( while on Umbara, he trapped both in a moment of self was! By his sense of duty to the ramp but at the same time the ship 's core a customized of... So years on Kamino to defend Commander Fox after the clone Wars died of medical complications whispering... Was shot designation, he attempted to continue with his initial mission bring.

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